Menswear Personal Shopper

My story began in a small town located in the southwest of Lithuania where unique landscape with plains crossed by rivers and dotted with wooden buildings became an endless visual source of transitioning colours, composition and matching textures.

Today, I am Stockholm based menswear personal shopper who is harvesting all year round to find the best hidden gems amongst the online stores, sample sales, designer brands and high street shops.

My professional expertise lies in menswear buying and personal shopping. I believe in an individual style over fashion trends and that the way you look should enhance your personality. I work hard to know you and deliver the best possible personal shopping experience and result.

Free consultation

Helpful advice on your next new item or the whole outfit for a special occasion would do the job? This online consultation is free of charge and will help you make a decision or answer any menswear related questions.

Online personal shopping

Whether you don't have much time on your hands or you want to get the best deals from around the world - after we speak, I will order your items online and if preferred personally pack them into a parcel before sending your shopping to you. This session will leave you with worthwhile new items for your wardrobe and show you how to shop efficiently.

Wardrobe management

Replacing clothes in your wardrobe with new sets of outfits. Let's look through your current wardrobe, small or large, to work out what is just hanging there to be utilized and what you are missing in order to create new outfits. With my help you will come to know your personal style, how to wear clothes you have and how to save effort.



Focus on who you are - let me deal with what you wear. A selection of images will be provided to inspire our upcoming shopping, either in store or online. Let’s share the responsibilities and you will get the most out of it.



You become confident as what you wear is being taken care of. After browsing in the stores or online, we will discuss the experience and how to combine new items with your wardrobe: understanding your personality will enable continuous style evolvement.


Let me deal with what you wear.